MapMyWay® - HD Maps On-Demand

We are building High-def maps using High-Definition Mapping Engine,MapMyWay® for safe autonomous driving on Australian roads. Get in touch to find out how we can help…

Ai3DSENSORY's survey vehicles collect map data and post-process the data for precision lane markings, boundaries, geometries, and 3D markers which are the key data for automated driving, path planning and autonomous vehicle's localisation. The data is aggregated and its validity is verified in the cloud. The system then uses this data to automatically generate new map data and refresh map. This is possible through Ai3DSENSORY's High-Definition Mapping Engine MapMyWay® that provides both the accuracy as well as freshness of its map. We are continuing to further develop, refine and scale our HD Mapping Engine.

We make our survey vehicles' sensor data accessible in the cloud for various real-time, historical and statistical purposes.


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